30 Mar 2017

Wanderer is personal project to design a landing page for a travel website. The design was made keeping in mind that the website is modern and responsive. Content element design aims for modularity and reusability.

Wanderer Web Design

Wireframes, Thought Process and Reasoning

Wanderer Wireframe 1 The primary motive of the page is to present content. In this case, the content to be presented is a particular region or area and the best way to showcase a region is through photographs. Thus, in the top-most section of the page is a high-definition photograph of Bavaria with floating text on top of it as the introduction.

Now that the area has been introduced to the user, the most relevant content are the available offers from Wanderer in this area.

Wanderer Wireframe 2 There is no dedicated content section. Too much information in one section of a page is redundant, and the user more often than not will avoid reading it then. Instead information needs to be spread out across the page in a visually meaningful manner.

Wanderer Wireframe 3